Dr. Christara Avaness
Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon
Director of Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine at Mend

Dr. Christara Avaness is the Director of Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine at Mend. She is a Family Medicine physician who takes a lifestyle approach. Dr. Avaness customizes a treatment plan to support the healing of each individual's unique bioenergetic matrix through high-enzyme nutrition and phytoceuticals (plant-based vitamin, mineral, and herbal extracts). She is dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients possible in the production of her phytoceutical line and connecting with Hallstein water was truly serendipitous. She feels the power and purity of this water is like a liquid crystal which amplifies the beneficial properties of the healing plants.

Dr. Avaness was catapulted into the realm of health and wellness when she almost lost her father to a heart attack. This health crisis and near tragedy helped crystallize her purpose and, in addition to her medical training, she dedicated herself to the extensive study of herbal medicine and learning from natural healers worldwide. Her mission is to inspire lifestyle changes that promote health and wellbeing through her Integrative Lifestyle wellness movement.