Water is not just water. As an Austrian I am very spoiled in the area of water quality. However, Hallstein Water has convinced me with its natural, unadulterated purity, and sets high standards with its sustainability.

Daniel SerafinWorld Renowned Opera Singer

Having completed the two year documentary on longevity in the Blue Zones (concentration of centennials) and 36 prefectures in Japan, we've learned how water is an imperative asset to great health. Hallstein is powerful, favorful water with great hydration when I am not having meals.

David BouleyMichelin Star Chef

We chose Hallstein water for each of our restaurants, Wallsé, Upholstery Store Food & Wine, and Café Sabarsky, for its pure, crisp taste, and sustainability. We are proud to be among the only three restaurant groups in New York City who carry it.

Kurt GutenbrunnerMichelin Star Chef

The quality of Hallstein Water is second to none. It is my absolute favorite, and the first choice amongst my discerning clients. We pride ourselves in utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients at Kai's Catering + Events, and Hallstein Water perfectly complements our menus.

Kai LoebachChef/Owner, Kai's Catering + Events

I drink Hallstein Water because it is unique in its quality and represents an incomparable treasure from the depths of our mountains. The natural purity and the high quality with the high oxygen content comes from the protected areas of the Dachstein Mountains.

Wolfgang GadermayrHydrogeologist

Water is life. Water is medicine. Hallstein is the most purest form of it I've found and is a vital part of my wellness routine. There's no going back once you've had it!

Elissa GoodmanHolistic Nutritionist, Cleanse Expert, and Best-Selling Author of "Cancer Hacks"