The Global Water Crisis

Water-related diseases kill nearly 1,000 children per day. In fact, more children die every day from a lack of clean water and sanitation than from malaria, HIV/AIDS, and measles combined.

Although humanitarian and developmental organizations continue to direct resources to arrest the global water crisis, the provision of sub-par services, coupled with inadequate maintenance, results in an unacceptably high rate of water system non-functionality within just a few years of installation.

The Void

Approximately 663 million people, about 9% of the global population, lack access to improved drinking water sources; 48% of those people live in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, in 21 countries, more than one third of the people do not have access to clean drinking water; 16 of those countries are in sub-Saharan Africa.

More than two thirds of people without access to potable water live on less than $2 a day. In low- and middle-income countries, 38% of health care facilities lack any water source.

The water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society as a measure of devastation and the #8 global risk based on likelihood of occurring within 10 years.

Our Solution

We collaborate with strategic partners to raise equity financing for Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) that deliver water infrastructure solutions throughout the world. We will also work closely with development finance institutions and export credit agencies to secure debt at attractive rates in order to leverage the impact of the investments we make.

Under the PPP structure, we will have concessions to manage the water treatment facilities for approximately 20 years which will allow us to ensure appropriate service and maintenance, while also creating jobs and building skills for people locally. Those served will pay a price they can afford, which will then be utilized to repay the debt raised as well as recover some of the initial equity of the PPP. More importantly, they will have a vested interest in the long-term viability of these projects via the human and economic impact they will have on their communities.

Project costs will vary, but our goal is to provide access to clean drinking water at an average contribution of $1 per person per year.

Help Us Help Others

Operation Water endeavors to have the greatest impact on the largest number of the world’s most impoverished, through the sustainable and scalable provision of potable water. Access to clean water catalyzes a ripple effect of enhanced outcomes, alleviating malnutrition, gender inequality, and disparities in economic opportunity.

Together we can change the world. Help us help others today!