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Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner is the proprietor of an impressive portfolio of top-rated New York City restaurants including Wallsé, Café Sabarsky, and Upholstery: Food & Wine

Chef Gutenbrunner grew up in the small village of Wallsee on the Danube River, located 80 miles outside of Vienna. Growing up with garden and fresh cooking, he recognized his passion for food and cooking at a young age and enrolled in a professional culinary program. At age 16, he apprenticed at the Relais et Chateau Richard Löwenherz in the Wachau region, where he learned about the wine making process and truly grasped the importance of the interplay between food & wine and developed a great appreciation for the wine of the region. These wines are still featured in his restaurants today. 

Chef Gutenbrunner has worked at several prominent restaurants across Europe and New York City including the Michelin-starred Tantris in Munich, Rotisserie Prinz Eugen in Vienna, Mangostin in Munich, Windows on the World’s Cellar in the Sky. He was the culinary director of David Bouley’s expanding enterprise, then executive chef at Monkey Bar where he became known for his inspired seafood dishes before venturing out on his own and opening his first restaurant Wallsé in 2000. Wallsé serves authentic Viennese classics with Chef Gutenbrunner’s contemporary touch and fun twist. Wallsé has held a coveted Michelin star for 15 consecutive years.